Alerts in Cuba due to a slight rebound in COVID-19 cases

With 833 cases this Saturday, 742 on Friday, and a similar forecast for Sunday, Cuba registers a slight increase in people infected with COVID-19, mainly in Sancti Spíritus, Ciego de Ávila, Holguín and Santiago, which is why teams from the Ministry of Public Health will leave in the next few hours to assess the situation in those provinces, before the health system is tightened again.

The news was announced at the meeting of the Government’s working group to confront the pandemic, which, based in the Palace of the Revolution and linked by videoconference with all the territories, is headed by the First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party. and President of the Republic, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez.

The president indicated to review the measures in each province, tighten control and speed up the pace with the booster vaccine that, according to what was reported, had already reached 6 million 143 thousand 537 people.

When questioning about the Cubans who had received their booster dose more than four months ago and the possibility of their antibody titers falling, Dr. Eduardo Martínez Díaz, president of BIOCUBAFARMA, specified that a study of the state of immunity had begun of our population, which will have two stages: an initial one includes around 20,000 people —the first to receive the reinforcement— whose results should be available in the coming weeks.

We have to be very precise, he clarified, at what time another reinforcement is needed, whether after six months or a year, because it should not be abused either, since tolerance to the antigen can be created.

In the usual report presented by the Minister of Public Health, José Angel Portal Miranda, it was learned that 3,000 patients confirmed with COVID-19 remain hospitalized in the country. The death this Saturday of two people, one from Ciego de Ávila and another from Camagüey, was lamented. And with respect to the previous day, the number of critical patients decreased to five (one less) and serious patients to 13 (two less): none of them is a minor or pregnant.

In this meeting, led by Deputy Prime Minister Alejandro Gil Fernández, the availability of oxygen in the country was also evaluated, which remains stable and allows sustaining all the services currently provided in the Cuban health system.

Likewise, the issue of drought was checked, which has already affected 10% of the population, and on which the President of the Republic indicated to maintain work systems that analyze the problem daily in each territory to seek the most immediate solutions; socialize the best experiences of previous droughts; maintain constant information to the population; and raise awareness about saving water, today more than ever, in homes, workplaces and production centers.

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