Alert in the Metropolitan Health Region for cases of Dengue

This week the Metropolitan Health Region has reported 48 cases of dengue; of which 37 are without warning signs and 11 with warning signs.

According to the Regional Director of Epidemiology, Catherine Castillo, no cases of severe dengue fever or deaths have been reported.

He highlighted that the corregimientos that report the highest rate of infestation are Veracruz with 17.9%, Pedregal and Las Garzas both with 4.8%, Felipillo with 3.6%, Río Abajo with 3.4%, Juan Díaz with 2.4% and Betania with 2. %.

“We are in an alert zone in terms of confirmed cases of dengue,” he said, noting that they are in seventh place in the regions with the most cases of dengue with an incidence of 5.5%.

Castillo stated that this alert zone was established because in previous years no cases of dengue were diagnosed, so this week they have reinforced actions for the detection, elimination and control of the effects of the Aedes Aegypti mosquito that causes diseases such as dengue, Zika and chicungunya.

“For practically two years we were without suspicions or diagnoses of dengue as such, which, for example, having 5 cases in the same week represents an alert zone for us, so we are concentrating efforts to strengthen regional and local epidemiological surveillance so that These numbers improve.

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