Alert in Antioquia due to low registration of electoral witnesses

Alert in Antioquia due to low registration of electoral witnesses

Not even 10% of the electoral witnesses of the presidential candidates’ campaigns registered in Antioquiawhich keeps the authorities on alert.

Today they are missing at least 90,000 witnesses to carry out their oversight work in the 1,159 voting stations that Antioquia has.

The Secretary of Human Security, Luis Fernando Suárez, recalled that there are 89,371 voting jurors in the department. Meanwhile, 4,917 uniformed personnel are assigned to guarantee security during the day.

“Perhaps the highest alert that we have in this commission is the process of registering electoral witnesses, since Antioquia has a potential of 108,328 witnesses that can be registered by the different political teams of the campaigns of the eight candidates and the alert they tell us is that only about 9.1oo have been registered,” he said.

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In Antioquia there is a team of prosecutors outstanding in electoral crimes. Until Monday public demonstrations, political or campaign activities are restricted. Also All types of publicity and proselytism are prohibited in the vicinity of the polling stations.

In the department they authorized the transfer of four voting stations in Medellin, Sabaneta, Rionegro and Ituangothe latter, because the inhabitants have moved to other communities and due to infrastructure issues.

More about the elections

For these presidential elections, 5,115,000 people are eligible to vote in Antioquia, more than half of them are women. In total there are 1,159 voting stations and 13,245 tables. In addition, they will have 89,371 jurors.

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In Medellín, the electoral census is 1,772,000 people and in total there are 223 authorized voting stations. Are 4,446 tables set up with 29,659 jurors.

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