Alejandro Salas on vote of confidence: "We are going to seek the political peace that the country needs"

Alejandro Salas: “The premier is amused by what Karelim López has been saying”

The Minister of Culture, Alejandro Salas, asserted that the premier the declarations of to the Public Ministry because they are false statements.

The reaction of the prime minister is a big smile, he is amused by what Mrs. Karelim López has been saying without proving anything”, he told the press on his way out of the Government Palace, where he had a meeting with President Pedro Castillo.

Regarding the message on social networks from the Chief of Staff, in which he points out that there is a sector that is “coup slop”, Salas considered that “surely he must have been outraged that these false statements are made.”

SIGHT: Aníbal Torres: “I do not know Karelim López, I have never addressed her or by third parties”

“The coup plotters don’t know what to invent to justify the vacancy. I do not know Karelim L., I have never addressed her directly or through third parties. The Prosecutor’s Office must clarify these false accusations.” Torres wrote on his Twitter account.

In his demonstration, López affirmed that he has not received death threats again, but that on March 8 he did receive a document in which he proposed to denounce the prosecutor Taquire and the superior prosecutor Rafael Vela in order to get rid of the investigation that is followed.

In the same document, the money laundering prosecutor points out that López “knows that the proposal comes from a character close to Prime Minister Aníbal Torres Vásquez.”

In this regard, President Pedro Castillo’s lawyer, Eduardo Pachas, pointed out that this version is false and that the premier will take legal action in this regard.


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