Alejandro Muñante: "The prime minister is backfiring on the good will of the president"

Alejandro Muñante: “The prime minister is backfiring on the good will of the president”

congressman (Popular Renovation) considered that the head of state, Pedro Castillo, should remove his prime minister, Aníbal Torres, from office, considering that he “backfires” the “good will” of the president.

What President Castillo has promised today about building bridges with the opposition must be translated into action. I think the prime minister is backfiring on the good will of the president to agree with the opposition”, Muñante stated in an interview with Canal N.

The legislator questioned that Torres Vásquez had revealed that Castillo Terrones backed down on his intention to present a bill for the advancement of general elections. He indicated that his statement is to throw “wood on fire”.

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Being practical, the one who should come out is Mr. Aníbal Torres from the premiership, if President Castillo wants to achieve that bridge, that agreement”, pointed the parliamentarian.

We have said from the very beginning that the fact that Torres is appointed Prime Minister means that the Cabinet that he is going to establish is a Cabinet of Chota, a Cabinet of confrontation”, he added.

Also, he noted that “The benevolent attitude has not lasted for many days” from Hannibal Torresthen again “That attitude he has has begun to shine”. “The fact that the prime minister is still in office is not going to help him much”, he pointed out.

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Regarding Pedro Castillo’s message before the plenary session of Parliament, Alejandro Muñante judged that the activity sought “deflate” the vacancy process, which will be debated and voted on on March 28.

It has been a spirit of wanting to deflate the presidential vacancy. That is obvious. Pataz’s emergency deserved the primary attention of President Castillo. This message could clearly have been postponed for another week.”, he mentioned.

Being consistent with what we have proposed, we are going to act in the same way as we have been until today. That does not mean that we cannot talk, agree on some points that we believe can benefit the entire population.”, he sentenced.


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