Alejandra Azcárate and her husband "were not" related to the shipment of the drug shipment in the 'narcoplane'

Alejandra Azcárate and her husband “were not” related to the shipment of the drug shipment in the ‘narcoplane’

Alejandra Azcarate. Photo: @alejandraazcarate

The couple went back to talking about how tough the “cellars from hell” were: “They’re not hot like people think,” the actress said.

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Alejandra Azcárate and her husband Miguel Jaramillo offered an interview with the Caracol channel program ‘The Informants’.

In the dialogue with the journalist María Elvira Arango, the model and television presenter, together with her husband, a well-known publicist, spoke again about the case of the drug plane that caused so much damage to them and their family.

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Alejandra Azcárate and her husband "were not" related to the shipment of the drug shipment in the 'narcoplane'

It should be remembered that the aircraft loaded with more than 400 kilos of cocaine was seized by the authorities when it left the island of San Andrés, which was destined for the United States.

At first it was said that the plane belonged to Azcárate’s husband, which was distorted by Miguel Jaramillo himself.

“I appeared by mistake in the company that had imported the plane,” he told the program.

Apparently and as detailed, the confusion originated from a failure within his organization: “My accountant did not record the minutes of the Chamber of Commerce and did not report to me that he had forgotten to record them,” said the publicist by profession.

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Azcárate’s husband stressed to whom that aircraft belongs today: “Today the owner of that plane is Mr. Fernando Escobar,” he specified.

For all this stuff about the drug plane, in which “they were unfairly blamed on social networks,” Azcárate said, Jaramillo revealed that his company suffered losses of 80% in its profits. Likewise, the actress also suffered from the cancellation of advertising contracts.

“I was the image of nine advertising brands and seven contracts were canceled,” said Azcárate, who recently participated as a jury of the reality show ‘The mask’.

The actress also spoke again about her controversial phrase: “The basements of hell.”

Of them, he explained that they are not as people think: “I know the very basements of hell and it is not hot as everyone imagines, it is very cold,” he said.

Below is the report of The Informants:

It should be noted that the authorities never mentioned that Azcárate and Jaramillo were involved with this drug shipment.

Nor were they linked to a judicial process for it, all the speculations about the ownership or not of this plane were speculations of social network users.

Instead, two people were arrested for this fact, the pilot and the co-pilot of the aircraft. Also a policeman who would have been an accomplice in this entire operation.

The pilot was found guilty and sentenced to 10 years in prison and there is talk that the three could be extradited to the United States.

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