Alegre announces that it will have its parallel count and that it does not trust the TSJE

Presidential candidate Efraín Alegre announced that he will have his own count of the results of the general elections and that he will obtain the results before the TREP. He also said that he does not trust any minister of Electoral Justice. From the TJSE, they do not understand the attitude of the head of the PLRA.

The candidate for president for the Concertación, Efraín Alegrebegan to open the umbrella a month before the elections. He did it yesterday morning during a proselytizing act, where he ranted against the Electoral Justice and announced that he will ignore the results.

“We are prepared to control all the tables, so, They are not going to cheat us. We are preparing our own quick count, we are going to have the results, pay attention to the ministers of the Court (sic), we are going to have before them, the true results“Alegre said.

He added that, an hour and a half after the end of the voting, he will already have the results with his own count, parallel to that of the TSJE, in order to avoid “the manipulations to which we are accustomed in the Electoral Justice.”

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Alegre was not only lapidary against the institution itself, but also against each member of the TSJE.

These three ministers, none have our confidenceYes, we tell you that our confidence is in our control, that it starts from now on in the whole process until the scrutiny, that result of the tables is going to give us the victory and We are not going to allow any type of electoral fraud as has happened in other times”, he claimed.

For his part, the minister of the TSJE, César Emilio Rossel, was surprised by Alegre’s attitude, and, in an interview with Abc Tv, recalled that, on D-day, it is the political parties that assume full control of the tables.

In addition, the TREP of the TSJE (Transmission of Preliminary Electoral Results) is awarded locally and internationally, as it is a first class electoral system, with one of the best reputations and a margin of error that in all history did not even reach 1 %.

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