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Alagoas holds indirect election for buffer governor this Sunday

The Legislative Assembly of Alagoas holds this Sunday (15), at 1 pm, an indirect election to choose the buffer governor and vice president. Eight plates are inscribed to contest the election, totaling 16 candidates for governor and vice president.Alagoas holds indirect election for buffer governor this Sunday

The winning slate will remain in office until December 31. On the following day, January 1, the governor and vice president, elected in the election to be held in October, will take office.

The indirect election for the state government is necessary because in April, the then governor Renan Filho fulfilled the deadline for deincompatibility and left office to contest the elections for the Senate, as determined by the electoral legislation.

With the departure, the vice governor, Luciano Barbosa, elected on Renan’s ticket, was supposed to take over, but he was no longer in office, because he won the 2020 elections and became mayor of Arapiraca.

The first in the line of succession would be the president of the Legislative Assembly, Marcelo Vitor (MDB). However, he preferred not to assume the state government, because he would be prevented from running for reelection, and called for indirect elections.

With the impediments, it was up to the President of the Court of Justice, judge Klever Loureiro, last in the line of succession, to assume the post on an interim basis.

The call notice for the election was contested by the PP and the case ended up in the Federal Supreme Court (STF). After analyzing an appeal by the PP, Minister Gilmar Mendes determined that single slates should be formed for the dispute and reopened the deadline for the registration of candidacies.

Mendes’ injunction began to be judged this Friday (13) by the virtual plenary of the Court, but a request for a view from Minister Nunes Marques interrupted the trial. However, the request for more time to review the case will not stop the election, which is confirmed for Sunday.

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