The European Union deploys mission in Venezuela

Airbus cuts orders for its A330 plane and withdraws deliveries to Russia

Airbus lost a fifth of outstanding orders for its A330neo long-haul jet in March as the plane’s biggest customer went through a restructuring, but gained sales elsewhere for more than 100 of its smaller planes, monthly data showed.

AirAsia X canceled 63 of the A330-900 version of the A330neo, an upgrade to the long-standing A330 widebody model, as well as 10 smaller A321neo aircraft, Airbus said.

The European planemaker also said it had delivered 142 planes in the first quarter, up more than 13% on the year.

But the net number of deliveries stood at 140 after two were canceled for Aeroflot due to sanctions on Russia. Airbus had counted the two A350 deliveries for Aeroflot in its year-end tally in December as part of its annual deliveries that beat forecasts, but the planes did not fly to Russia. Airbus also canceled the associated order from Aeroflot, the data showed.

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