Aid for taxi drivers and truck drivers starts to be paid in August

Aid for taxi drivers and truck drivers starts to be paid in August

About ten days after the enactment of the constitutional amendment that expanded social benefits, the Ministry of Labor and Social Security released today (25) the timetable for the payment of aid to truck drivers and taxi drivers affected by the rise in fuel prices. The benefits will be paid of August to December, with the installment of August being paid in double in relation to the other installments.Aid for taxi drivers and truck drivers starts to be paid in August

the installments July and of August of the Trucker Aid will be paid together in august 9, totaling R$ 2 thousand. The other installments, which will be paid until December, will be equivalent to R$ 1 thousand. Regarding Taxi Assistance, the maximum limit of each installment amounts to R$ 1,000, and may reach R$ 2,000 in August (paid on different dates in the same month), but the actual amounts will depend on the number of taxi drivers registered by the city halls. If there are more taxi drivers registered than expected, the value for each one will be lower.

Taxi Assistance will begin to be paid in August 16th. the prefectures to havego until Sunday (31) to inform the federal government of the list and number of beneficiaries.

Check the calendars for both benefits

Truck Driver Assistance



Active data in the Ministry of Infrastructure

July and August

9/8 (double value)

until 7/22



until 9/11



until 9/10



until 11/13



until 4/12

Source: Ministry of Labor and Welfare

Taxi Assistance



Data sent by the city



until 7/31



until 8/15

september to december

no defined date`

until 9/11

Source: Ministry of Labor and Welfare

Who is entitled?

The Emergency Benefit for Autonomous Cargo Carriers (BEm Trucker) may be granted to autonomous cargo carriers registered until may 31st in the National Registry of Road Cargo Carriers (RNTR-C). The registration must be active, with a valid CPF and National Driver’s License required.

Each carrier will receive the fixed amount, regardless of the number of vehicles it has. Every month, the Ministry of Infrastructure will forward updated data from the RNTR-C to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

In relation to Taxi Assistance, taxi drivers registered with city halls, holders of concessions or permits issued until may 31st. No action by taxi drivers will be required. In case of doubt, the driver should contact the city hall to verify the municipal register. The provision of information will be entirely up to the city halls (or the government of the Federal District, in the case of the federal capital).

Brazil aid

installment payment of August of Aid Brazil was anticipated. Traditionally carried out on the last ten working days of each month, the payment, which would take place between the 18th and August, 31moved to the interval between 9 and August 22.

The new dates were published in the Official Gazette of the Union of today. According to the constitutional amendment enacted on the 14th, the minimum installments will be R$ 600 until the end of the year. the payment dates of September, October, November and December have not changed. Benefits will continue to be paid for the last ten working days of each month.

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