Aid Brazil will inject more than BRL 90 billion into the economy

Aid Brazil will inject more than BRL 90 billion into the economy

Auxílio Brasil, the federal government’s new permanent income transfer program, will inject more than R$90 billion into the retail economy during 2022, the Minister of Citizenship, João Roma, reported today (7th) in an interview with the program. The Voice of Brazil.Aid Brazil will inject more than BRL 90 billion into the economy

According to Roma, the government will also pay an additive to the emergency aid – which was in force until October 2021 – to male heads of families. the word, which initially was a priority for female heads of household, were released to men by the National Congress at the end of 2021 and will soon be paid by Caixa.

“There are several programs that go beyond social protection, but also seek social transformation for Brazilian families. We are managing to strengthen more than 17 million needy families throughout Brazil with the permanent income transfer program, which is Auxílio Brasil,” said the minister.

the granting of Electricity Social Tariff it is also linked to the registration of Auxílio Brasil, made through CadÚnico. João Roma stated that the system already benefits 24 million families who receive the electricity tariff discount automatically on the bill.

“You who are at home, check your electricity bill”, warned Roma, who also recalled that the system automatically selects suitable CadÚnico entries and applies the benefit. “If the discount has not arrived and you are in a situation of need, just go to the Regional Center for Social Assistance (CRAS) and update CadÚnico to receive the discount”, he added.


About the heavy rains that caused flooding, flooding and destruction in several localities in the North East and not Southeast, João Roma stated that the Ministry of Citizenship acts quickly to try to bring comfort and help to all municipalities affected by natural disasters.

“Many families in need. We live it on the spot. We saw many reports of families who lost everything they had with the force of the waters, in a very treacherous way. The federal government is mobilized, helping municipalities and these families”, explained the minister.

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