Agreement prevents the closure of a children's hospital ward

Agreement prevents the closure of a children’s hospital ward

Authorities of the Government promised to manage the endowment of six items for the Mario Ortiz hospital, avoided it andl Closure of the hospitalization room for children with covid-19.

The hospital staff had warned that the emergency service Covid-19 internal medicine was running out of staff because the contracts expired at the end of the month, which would force the closure of the service from Tuesday.

“That’s not going to happen. The Covid internal medicine room will continue to function normally thanks to the will of the authorities,” said the deputy director of the hospital, Marcelo T.They were Molina, after a meeting with the Secretary of Development Human and Health, Fernando Pacheco and the director of the Departmental Health Service (Headquarters), Erwin Viruez.
The meeting led to the signing of an agreement, which establishes the allocation of six positions, which will run from February 1, reported Terán.

Pampas room
The hospital staff also hopes that the intensive care room of the Pampa de la Isla hospital will be enabled, as announced more than a week ago, when the Government national provided eight units for critical patients.

At that time, the Secretary of Human Development and Health of the Government pointed out that the Mario Ortiz hospital does not have espspace for the fitting out of more rooms, so, in coordination with the Ministry of Health and the Mayor’s Office, the decision was made to enable an intensive care service at the Pampa de la Isla hospital.

The municipal secretary of Health, Roberto Vargas, indicated that they expect that the Government allocate personnel for the equipment operation.

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