Agreement defines four presidential plates with a view to December

The National Concertation “For a New Paraguay” has already made four presidential badges official with a view to 2023. Paraguayan “Payo” Cubas from Cruzada Nacional, analyzes whether or not he remains within the opposition bloc. For the independent sector, Euclides Acevedo and José Luis Chilavert will define their vice presidents in the coming days.

Martín Burt and Luz Borja, pre-candidates for the presidency and vice-presidency of the Republic for the Authentic Radical Liberal Party (PLRA), respectively, were the first to register their presidential badge by the Coalition. In the afternoon, the parents of the Efraín duo with Soledad did the same.

In total there are four plates already confirmed from the opposition block; the first is the duo formed by Martin Burt with Luz Borja. Then there is the plate made up of Efraín Alegre with Soledad Núñez. The third is that of Sebastián Villarejo with Patricia Dos Santos and finally there is the duo made up of Hugo Fleitas and Bruno Balmelli.

Part of the Guasu Front, which decided to leave the Coalition, will be deciding on its presidential candidates next Tuesday. The names of Sixto Pereira, Euclides Acevedo and Vidalia Benítez, a peasant leader, sound like possible members of the group. In addition, José Luis Chilavert, the former captain of the national soccer team, is also outside the Concertación with his Youth party. The presentation of its vice president is still pending.

Agreement defines four presidential plates with a view to December

Marta Ferrara, executive director of Seeds for Democracy, stated that she has no particular sympathy for any badge. She maintained that she still expects some moves from candidates but yes, she would have liked a woman heading one of the lists. “I would have liked more female candidates, not always in second place. Women continue to be relegated to second places, ”she expressed.

He argued that, from now on, it will be necessary to analyze whether these plates generate an adhesion of certain sectors of the population, especially those vulnerable sectors. “It remains to be defined whether the candidacies that are presented move independent sectors and young people who, in general, are not interested in politics,” he said.

How do you see the political situation in the country?

The analyst said that the country is going through a very critical situation with an acting vice president and a former president, declared significantly corrupt by the United States Government. “This put us in the global spotlight, despite the fact that Paraguay was always an invisible country. We are seen, from different parts of the world, as a country with a lot of corruption, where a lot of money is laundered”, she lamented.

He argued that in this political scenario he sees a lot of confusion and dispersion on the part of the citizenry. In addition to a lot of lack of knowledge about how to vote in the internal elections in December. “I think a lot of water will still pass under the bridge, I am sure that new pairs will still be formed. There is talk of sectors of the Guasu Front and Euclides Acevedo that will make up their own plates, ”she advanced.

Is the Concertación united?

Finally, he argued that many people think that the opposition parties are all united within the Coalition, but this is not the case. Since the unit only exists in the presidential elections, not in the lists for Parliament. “The other multi-member candidates are not united. It is going to be a very complicated election,” he warned.

Agreement defines four presidential plates with a view to December

Jaime Egüez, president of the Club of Executives, pointed out that the most important issue is that these elections will have the best quality of options for presidents and vice presidents. “The Executive Club is really focused on getting the best to the Senate. We think that the process of the presidency is being carried out through the Coalition, consultations, everything that is the dynamic of the strongest parties”, he pointed out.

For Egüez, the shaped plates are a reflection of the changes that were necessary on the part of the political leaders to conquer this new mass of voters, young people who will vote in the next elections. “Those parties are the ones that push and empower leaders or people who want to run. The badge of president and vice president is the main administrator of the following years that will administer the country”, he commented.

He argued that the parties are working to improve that proposal. “Each front has its own dynamic. I am even paying attention to the independent part like Euclides Acevedo, looking carefully, because he seems to us to be a very prepared person, and he had at the time a very clear view of what the country needs, ”he said.

Does the electoral offer convince you?

He pointed out that as president of the Executive Club, he cannot say which of the badges he likes the most. But if he said that those who are competing offer positive things. “There are people who have experience in management, or experience in the country mission and they share the same objective that they are moving towards. The presidential badges are some of the best we’ve had in decades,” he noted.

“There are different levels in the handling of power in Paraguay. The republic is built from the fact that the three powers control and restrict each other. The process itself to reach a better presidential candidacy.

Agreement defines four presidential plates with a view to December

Henrique Ferreira, a sociologist, affirmed that it is a liberal intern, with the ingredient that the deputies are from other political strata or do not come from any political structure, with the exception of Villarejo. “With the departure of Esperanza Martínez, we have electoral options that respond to conservative tendencies. Finally, her political tendencies are linked to right-wing conservative proposals”, he stated.

He stressed that none of the options convinces him. He assured that the winning duo will be that of Efraín Alegre. “In 2023, there will be Efraín Alegre, Euclides Acevedo, possibly Chilavert and the representative of the ANR. He wanted Esperanza Martínez to head one of the lists to achieve a transformation. There is a large part of the population that wants a change,” she maintained.

How do you see the role of Euclid in these elections?

Euclides Acevedo is a token placed by the Colorado Party so that the ANR does not lose. He was a minister in the government that managed the pandemic. The health system is still intact, unemployment increased. It is the direct responsibility of the government.

He described as a serious mistake, what several legislators of the Guasu Front are doing, allying themselves with Euclides Avecedo. “I am very sorry that the name of Jorge Querey is considered as vice president. It will be a big mistake. Euclid will not be punished in 2023, but the entire left for sticking to him. He was the most political minister of the current government”, he pointed out.

Querey’s argument for distancing himself from the Concertación is because the program of the left is not reflected in the Concertación’s plan.

How do you see the political scene?

Finally, he said that in the ANR, the structure for which Hugo Velázquez had been working, is going to disintegrate and weaken. And on the other hand, if there are no surprises, Santiago Peña will probably win. “In the Concertación it is difficult for Burt, Villarejo or Fleitas to beat Efraín Alegre. About Chilavert I don’t know if he keeps running or not”, he concluded.

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