“Again the dirty campaign”: Izkia Siches reacted to a publication about alleged irregularities in the Colmed under his management

"Again the dirty campaign": Izkia Siches reacted to a publication about alleged irregularities in the Colmed under his management

The former president of the Medical College (Colmed) and current campaign manager of La Moneda candidate Gabriel Boric, Izkia Siches, came across a publication about “millionaire irregularities” that would have occurred within the union during her term as president. The information was shared by the deputy RN Tomás Fuentes.

As published The bookcase, the firm KPMG reportedly found a series of administrative irregularities after conducting a forensic audit of Colmed and its 24 regional offices.

“Unusual! Colmed audit detected potential tax evasion, duplicate payments and hiring of directors’ relatives for almost $ 500 million during Izkia’s administration. Is this the new policy, probity and change promoted by Gabriel Boric?” , the deputy RN Tomás Fuentes tweeted next to the article.

Dr. Siches’s response did not take long: “Again the dirty campaign, lying is still free in our country. They come to attack us because we are filling Chile with hope. Let us continue working harder for our future president Gabriel Boric,” he said, via Twitter.

In the same social network, he added: “I rebel against this way of doing politics. Probity was the backbone of our management at Colmed. They lie without shame. It was our administration that detected the embezzlement thanks to the modernization of the accounting system . We promote the forensic audit. “

“There are leaders of the Colmed who, in order to besmirch the figure of Dr. Siches, deeply damage the institution that by statutes they are obliged to defend. So much hatred and so much damage that they generate,” added, for his part, the secretary general of the Colmed, José Miguel Bernucci.

The Medical College also expressed their rejection of the media report on the internal audit and clarified the following:

“The national board of directors headed by Dr. Siches took office on July 1, 2017, succeeding the current Minister of Health, Enrique Paris. In 2018, as a result of an improvement in the internal control systems of our institution, it was discovered that the Administrator of the Valparaiso Regional Council was defrauding, at least since 2014, our institution, which is why it was decided to hire an external audit, entrusted to KPMG, to elucidate the magnitude of the fraud. “

“It is appropriate to point out that this fraud, as well as the other deficiencies that the KPMG audit revealed, originated prior to our arrival at the leadership of the Medical College, during or before the administration headed by Dr. Enrique Paris.”

“The omission in the report of The bookcase of the aforementioned circumstance and the attempt to attribute responsibility for such events to the current administration, evidences the spurious purposes that the referred means of communication hides. The Medical College is categorical in rejecting the insinuation of this report, reaffirming the commitment to continue implementing all the necessary measures to improve the processes within our institution “.


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