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Aftermath of Covid-19 will not be covered for new insured in medical expenses

People who have insured for major medical expenses after contracting Covid-19 will not have access to payment for the consequences that the disease has left them.

If they present damage to the lungs, kidneys or other complications derived from the spread of Covid-19, these effects will be ruled out within the contracted major medical expenses insurance, reported Salvador Arceo, general director of Plan Seguro, one of the most important insurers in the field. comprehensive health.

“The consequences are not paid for because the Covid disease is already pre-existing, it is as if you wanted to cover the blow of a crashed car,” he stressed in an interview with El Economista.

According to the Mexican Association of Insurance Institutions (AMIS), each insurer, depending on the underwriting policy it manages, will define the coverage it will give its client, based on the effects that the disease has caused or left on the person.

“If the Covid left a consequence, for example, kidney damage, that can no longer be covered because it is already damaged,” explained Salvador Arceo.

Regarding the application of restrictive measures or exclusions for clients or the population that has decided not to be vaccinated or whose immunity scheme is incomplete, he emphasized that it is better to look for incentives to reward prevention.

“At this time we have not made any adjustments, it seems to us a punitive measure, and we believe that people’s prevention should be rewarded, science has advanced a lot and the tests show us that when you have, for example, your complete scheme of vaccination, the effects of this disease on people’s health seem to be much less,” he said.

Currently the average cost of hospital care for this disease is around 520,000 pesos and those who are being hospitalized are mostly people who have no or incomplete vaccination schedule, according to AMIS data.

Salvador Arceo emphasized that the insurer he represents, instead of punishing, will seek to reward people who have full protection.

“It is one thing that Covid is excluded and another that we say that the policy costs 10 pesos and Covid is covered up to that amount, but if they have their complete vaccination schedule, then we do not set limits,” he emphasized.

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