After the Schiappacasse case, AUF wants to improve the work with soccer players and will intensify security measures

The Uruguayan Football Association (AUF) will intensify security measures inside the fields and intends to work more with the footballers, after the concern generated by the arrest and subsequent accusation of Peñarol footballer Nicolás Schiappacasse, reported to The Observer the vice president of the institution, Gastón Tealdi.

The leader said that this is a “social problem” and the “environment in which some footballers are inserted”, in a situation that in your opinion comes from a “deterioration of many years ago”.

Schiappacasse was charged with 90 days of preventive detention for trafficking and illegal possession of weapons after being captured by the police on January 26 on the way to Maldonado with a gun hidden in his clothes, which according to the player was going to deliver to a barrabrava from Peñarol who did not know. At the formalization hearing it was learned that made these deliveries repeatedly, including in some Peñarol games, Besides that bought weapons illegally.

Tealdi clarified that AUF only has competence in terms of security in the stadiums, but assured that they will intensify current security measures inside the courts. They are between them the list of people excluded from entering sporting events (the blacklist), Surveillance at football matches with cameras, Y social media surveillance before possible sayings or songs that make an apology for violence.

The vice president of the organization explained that no new measures will be taken because the current ones “have worked”, which it can be seen with the “null cases” that have been since 2016, after “classic carafe”. However, the Schiappacasse case and the murders that occurred in the last month of Ignacio Galvan, the 17-year-old Peñarol fan who was shot in the head in the La Unión neighborhood, and Washington Simon, National bar implicated in the murder of Hernan Fiorito in 2016, they took the AUF to “be attentive” to what happens outside the courts.

Help the footballers

Tealdi believes that it would be appropriate to work with the families of the players, and “take action with the educational system”

Gastón Tealdi indicated that the other leg that the AUF must improve in cases such as that of the ex-football player from Peñarol is that of the “advice” and “containment” to footballers. For this, one of the plans is improve “psychological care” offered to athletes, in a joint effort with the Mutual Uruguaya de Futbolistas Profesionales (MUFP).

For the vice president of the institution, also a delegate from Peñarol in the AUF, the aforementioned “deterioration” is an effect of “society” and the violence in it, something that reaches the athlete from your environment. This, he added, affects the footballer’s career. For Tealdi, this can be avoided with a joint effort that includes the clubs, the AUF, the mutual and the government.

also think it would be appropriate work with the families of the players, and “take action with the educational system”, as He is convinced that this has a “direct relationship with the performance of the footballer”. He highlighted the work of teams such as Montevideo City Torque, National and Peñarol, that encourage the study of their youth athletes, but assured that “all clubs” must follow his example.

However, Tealdi lamented that “no action is going to prevent this type of situation from happening again”, so it only remains “deepen actions” to prevent as much as possible.

In Peñarol they stand out

After the Schiappacasse case, AUF wants to improve the work with soccer players and will intensify security measures

Schiappacasse was about to renew his contract with Peñarol before being arrested

In Peñarol, the club in which Nicolás Schiappacasse was in 2021 and with which was going to renew until the aforementioned facts became known, they do not plan for now to reinforce security measures on the courts, where it has powers to be able to take actions, because in sporting events “no misfortune has happened”, said to The Observer the pro-secretary of Peñarol, Jorge Nirenberg.

for the leader “you are safer on the pitch than off”, and neither in this case, nor in the four years he has been on the club’s board, The possibility of reinforcing the existing security measures has been mentioned.

Regarding the delivery of weapons from Schiappacasse to club bars in Peñarol matches, the manager indicated that he thinks a “very delicate, very rare” theme, and he doesn’t understand why some fans carry guns if “the gallery is only for them, among Peñarol fans”. “What do you carry weapons for, to play handsome?”, he asked himself.

He also held that “there are not many alternatives” to control that this type of actions does not happen with other soccer players, although he clarified that there will be no “double speech” in the face of attitudes similar to those of Schiappacasse within the areas where the club has powers.

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