After surprising with his appearance as Capybara, Bergara told how the experience was

The senator of the Broad Front (FA), Mario Bergarasurprised this Thursday night when it was revealed that it was the hidden figure behind the character capybara in the program Who is the mask? from Channel 12.

Bergara was discovered after interpreting My pretty Girl of the Venezuelan duo Chino y Nacho.

This Friday, meanwhile, the senator participated in the program Something to sayalso from Channel 12, where he told How were the reactions he received after it became known that he was behind Capybara.

“I imagined that there was going to be a repercussion, but how much is impossible to foresee. Because it is the first time that someone from the political system suddenly appears on the program,” he said, although he immediately recalled that another revealed figure was the Mayor of Durazno, Carmelo “Cacho” Vidalínwhich was hidden behind the Falcon character.

“It seems that this time people were more surprised“, stressed Bergara.

The Frente Amplio senator assured that he received “of all” kinds of reactions right away it became known that he was one of the participants in the contest. “Very few people, I count on the fingers of one hand, he told me: ‘It seems to me that you are a capybara’. Almost no one!” He pointed out.

And he added that “when the response he received” was made public “it was criminal” by the barrage of messages.

Once he was discovered on the program this Thursday, Bergara told in Who is the mask? that only one person in his family knew of his participation in the program, which must be kept strictly confidential.

“Not even my children, who are surely going to scold me now,” he joked. Bergara said that she has experience as a choir member, “I did it in high school and in adolescence, and now I am part of a choir, the one from the Central Bank,” she narrated. “Between politics and choirs, I have quite a bit of stage.”

“It took them 20, 30 seconds to convince me,” Bergara joked. “I had come to the channel for an interview, and there were two masks from the program on display. I made a comment, like, ‘the truth is that I would do it,’ and three months later they invited me.”

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