After relocation of indigenous people, this will be the recovery of the National Park

After relocation of indigenous people, this will be the recovery of the National Park

It was almost eight months that the Embera communities remained in the Bogota National Park, a place where they did not have optimal conditions for their stay and where they suffered numerous damages due to the rains that have intensified in the city in recent months.

Two children under three years of age died due to respiratory problems and gastrointestinal disorders and several older adults suffered respiratory diseases, among others, due to the lack of sanitation in which they remained. Although the District made several attempts to relocate them to various points in the city, no agreements were reached, since the leaders of the 15 communities that remained there claimed that the proposed points did not guarantee their basic needs either.

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Finally, this Thursday, May 12, and after a dialogue table between the indigenous people, the Mayor’s Office of Bogotá, the Ministry of the Interior and the Unit for Victims, the agreement was reached and the relocation of these communities was carried out, who were transferred to the Florida UPI and District support houses.

According to the characterization, led by the Ministry of the Interior, it was announced that they were identified 536 family units and 1,585 people, of which 747 correspond to the community Embera Katío and Cahmíand others 838 to other indigenous peoples.

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This will be the recovery of the National Park

Given the relocation of the Embera, who will be waiting for a period of no more than 25 days while their return to the departments of Chocó and Risaralda, Efforts are being made to recover the public space, in which remains of the cambuches and other elements that the communities had during their permanence remained.

The recovery of the park will be carried out by the Mayor’s Office, in support of the Botanical Garden, in three phases: Final clearing and removal of structures; Cleaning and fumigation Painting; and embellishment.

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