After psychiatric evaluation, judge removes Percy Fernández from the case ghost items

After psychiatric evaluation, judge removes Percy Fernández from the case ghost items

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After a psychiatric evaluation of Percy Fernández, which indicates that he is not fit to testify or be subjected to precautionary hearings, the Fourth Anti-Corruption Judge, Juan José Quiroz, decided to separate the former mayor of Santa Cruz de la Sierra from the ghost items case for a certain time. .

“We just saw the report without notifying us, because they are fogging the file. After a psychiatric assessment and unanimously by the three doctors, they have established that he does not understand what a criminal proceeding is and that he is not fit to submit him to a trial, which is why they decide to remove him from the case. The judge has issued an order and has ordered that he be separated from the process for the time being,” reported this Friday the legal representative of the MAS parliamentarians who joined the complaint in the ghost items case, Marcelo Aliaga.

The lawyer specified that although Fernández was momentarily separated, a health check will be carried out every six months to see if he improves until a period of a year and a half has passed, after that period, he will only be definitively removed from the case. and he will be declared “unimputable”.

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He announced that although the case of the former mayor of Santa Cruz as an active subject in criminal proceedings remains on hold, in the oral trial phase the preventive notation of the assets will be requested because there is an economic damage that was caused to the municipality.

The medical professionals who saw the case are: René Calvimontes, Gabriela Rocha Rifarach and Yuri Lauro Aguilera, reported Unitel.

Percy was denounced for the alleged crimes of breach of duties, legitimization of illicit profits, uneconomic conduct and contracts harmful to the State in the framework of the ghost items case.

In addition to this process for the 800 ghost items in the Santa Cruz Mayor’s Office, it must still answer for the complaints made by the Public Ministry in the Landfill and Rapid Transport Buses (BTR) cases.

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