After crashing drunk, Marcelo Abalda will take leave at the PIT-CNT

The leader collided with two vehicles that were parked on the avenue Boulevard Artigas almost Garcia Cortinasand went detained by the police. abdullah apologized and explained that he had ingested alcohol this Thursday. “Yesterday (for Thursday) I took some things and slept little. I got up to work at 5 in the morning and well, it looks like that was there. But I’m in charge.”he said, in dialogue with Telenoche (Channel 4).

When asked about community tasks, he replied that he will do “whatever.” “I always do community work, I am a militant worker”, he pointed. In addition, she explained that she slept “two hours” due to “some personal difficulties”. “Talk tomorrow. Luckily, the nicest thing is that there was no human damage and I will take care of everything (…) Luckily it was material damage. And later we’ll talk (about) what happened, I’ll take care of it. I apologize.”

Later, he published a letter on his Twitter account in which he again apologized to the victims, his family and his “companions and colleagues” from the union movement.

“I have no excuses to justify my mistake. The hard days I have been going through They do not relieve me of my responsibilities. When things are bad, they are bad and I must be the first to publicly reject what happened“, he said. Finally, he again emphasized that he will take responsibility for what happened. “All my life I have assumed my battles and rightly or wrongly, I have taken charge of my actions.”

The license distances him from the PIT-CNT when the most critical stage of the campaign begins towards the referendum against 135 articles of the Law of Urgent Consideration, of which the trade union center is one of the main promoters together with the Broad Front (FA). During his absence, the current vice president José Lorenzo López and the general secretary Elbia Pereira will be at the head of the union.

Abdala’s shock will be referred to Misdemeanor Court to determine the corresponding penalties. In Uruguay, alternative measures of community work, which can be arranged in a minimum of seven days and a maximum of 30 days. It must be daily and for 8 hours, under the conditions established by justice.

In addition, it removes the driving license for a certain time, depending on how many times the person was sanctioned and the amount of alcohol in the blood. Once the suspension has been completed, drivers must undergo a psychophysical examination that will assess their aptitude to drive again.

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