After a summons from President Boric to Constanza Hube, UDI deputies send a letter to the President to support the ex-conventional

The UDI Deputies’ Bench sent a letter to President Gabriel Boric, to support the ex-conventional Constanza Hube, after the message sent by the President, through his personal Twitter account, for his statements on housing issues.

“We do not share the substance or the form of her message, not only because it denotes an attitude that borders on totalitarianism by not sharing the same opinion as the former constituent, but also because we are absolutely convinced that what Ms. Hube pointed out is completely true,” the parliamentarians noted.

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“We solidly, affectionately and supportively support the former conventional constituent Constanza Hube Portus, who has been the object of unfair and harsh criticism as a result of a message that you sent her through her personal Twitter account,” reads the statement. letter from the UDI parliamentarians, which was also disseminated among the press.

This response was also joined by the leadership of the UDI, which drafted a public statement in which they establish that “as the leadership of the Independent Democratic Union we want to express our most absolute and solid support for the former conventional constituent Constanza Hube.”

Hube received a message from the President questioning his declarations on the right to housing in the draft of the new Constitution. “Hello, Constanza. Why do you say that when I say the right to decent housing, I am denying that it is my own?” were the words of the Head of State. In response to what the union lawyer replied: “because you yourself said that you have to change the paradigm of the dream of owning your own home to access to decent housing. I also read your Emergency Housing Program and it coincides a lot with your Constitution. Hopefully this same interest that he has in responding to me, he will dedicate to the millions of Chileans who today are helpless due to insecurity, organized crime, drug trafficking, uncontrolled immigration and price increases”. The discussion did not end there and the President replied: “You are an intelligent woman, Constanza. I know that deep down you are aware of the intellectual dishonesty of your comment. I do not believe and have never believed that access to home ownership should be deprived . Cheers”.

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