AEBU criticized service stations in Maldonado for not accepting card payments

AEBU criticized service stations in Maldonado for not accepting card payments

File Photo: Andrey Sulitskiy/Flickr
File Photo: Andrey Sulitskiy/Flickr

The Association of Bank Employees of Uruguay (AEBU) criticized the decision of the Maldonado service stations that since April only accept cash payment when filling fuel, and will stop receiving debit and credit cards.

For bank employees, it is “absolutely limiting the freedom of consumers”, while putting service station workers at risk. “In times when insecurity and crime have worsened, returning to the use of cash, in unprotected jobs (…) an unacceptable decision,” they added.

Tourism is also affected, AEBU believes, because Maldonado depends heavily on this industry, and goes against international trends in which cash is abandoned and more and more is aimed at electronic payments.

“The justification that the costs of digital payment methods have a negative impact on profitability has been used repeatedly —and this time too— to demand the liberalization of fuel prices, which would lead to higher prices and transform to the most distant populations of the capital of the country in hostages of the costs of transfer”, continues saying the statement.

“We consider it essential that the national authorities take action on the matter in order to avoid the aforementioned damages. The damage that this business decision will cause to a fundamental economic sector and its workers requires the intervention of the Executive Branch,” the document continues.

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