Adriana Ortiz resigned from the Institute of Crafts

“To the artisans and craftswomen, heroes of Paraguay, it was an immense honor and a gift of life to be able to serve my country from the public function and work together in alliance and affection,” said Adriana Ortiz when saying goodbye to the IPA.

The official who was in charge of the institution since the beginning of the Mario Abdo Benítez administration, thanked the president and the First Lady for the trust placed in her.

However, he announced that he will continue to contribute to the well-being of local communities through the axes of education and cultural policies, from wherever he has to be.

In addition, he highlighted who remains as his successor, Cynthia Melgarejo, for her genuine commitment, professionalism and, above all, for her integrity and strength as a person.

Melgarejo indicated that he will continue the process initiated by Adriana Ortiz and promised to continue working side by side with the artisans. The new owner had been working as director of IPA projects.


The entrance Adriana Ortiz resigned from the Institute of Crafts was first published in diary TODAY.

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