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Adonay, why did you get married, Adonay?: Woman from the popular December song dies

If there is something that distinguishes the Decembers is the music, the smell of custard, tamale and suckling pigand the party atmosphere in general that is lived in cities and municipalities of Colombia.

And about the december season, there are a series of musical themes that turn out to be well representative of this time of year.

Adonay, why did you get married, Adonay?

One of those songs that continues to be heard over the years is “Adonai”. Many still wonder “why did you get married, Adonay?”, as the popular theme says.

This Thursday, several users of social networks have again remembered Adonai, on account of the death of Adonai Ardila Urueña, the woman protagonist of this story.

She was the one who ended up inspiring the popular “Adonay” by composer Julio Erazo Cuevas, who wrote one of the most listened to lyrics of December.

Now, who was in charge of immortalizing “Adonay” was Rodolfo Aicardi, the famous singer who perfectly interpreted the author’s intention of the song.

Adonay, ‘Why did you marry Adonay?”, is perhaps one of those unforgettable choirs of the Colombian Decembers.

Who was Adonai, lady Adonai Ardila Urueña

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