Administration Attorney affirms that he does not have the spirit nor is he looking to create a war between officials

The Administration Attorney, Rigoberto González, clarified this Wednesday that the note addressed on Tuesday, January 25, to the Comptroller of the Republic, Gerardo Solís, does not have the objective of creating a war between officials, but rather to express his position regarding the particular facts of public funds, because he was previously summoned by the comptroller.

“This official who is here with you (he) does not have the spirit nor is he looking, nor is this the idea of ​​creating in public opinion that there is a war between officials,” González told the media.

He assured that the functions of his position, far from looking for conflicts, are aimed at facilitating the work of officials so that the state administration is not exposed.

“The Administration Attorney is the State’s attorney and what he intends is to facilitate the work of the rest of the State officials so as not to expose the institutional administration and so that there are not too many justified questions from public opinion,” he remarked.

For this reason, he indicated that he felt obliged to respond to the insinuations that, according to his point of view, referred to the fact that in 2015, when he took office, he was aware of different matters related to mobilization expenses.

“I felt compelled when I saw that press release where they call me by my name, so if they call me by my name, I have to answer,” he said.

González, sent a new note to Comptroller Solís on Tuesday, given that the latter has refused to answer questions about mobilization expenses and other benefits received by mayors and corregimiento representatives.

“Mr. Comptroller, fulfill your duties, and I will continue to perform mine,” González wrote in said note.

The attorney for the Administration asks Solís to file complaints about any irregularity that he may have committed as attorney for the Administration and thus “avoid making unfounded insinuations against the unemployment of our position.”

He reminded the Comptroller that he has the constitutional function of overseeing the official conduct of public servants and ensuring that all of them “completely” perform their duties, and one of the exclusive functions of the Comptroller’s Office is the supervision, regulation and control of the management of public funds and assets.

Since last year, González has sent notes to Solís, to ask about the supervision of the mobilization expenses assigned to the representatives and mayors of the country. The comptroller has not answered the questions and, instead, has reprimanded the prosecutor. The last time, Solís wrote to him: “It is curious that you initiate a preliminary investigation by asking me to provide you with information regarding the norms of the legal system, when it is you yourself who has the obligation to keep those norms systematized. So it seems rather that you should investigate why you do not have that information in the Attorney General’s Office, as is your legal obligation”.

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