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Activists launch campaign “Not One More Political Prisoner In Cuba”

MADRID, Spain.- Cuban activists inside and outside the island launched the campaign “Not One More Political Prisoner in Cuba” on social networks, with the aim of “bringing the figure of the political prisoner closer to society, to the people.” on foot’ who is still asleep today,” he explained to Radio Television Martí Jonatan López, brother-in-law of political prisoner Andy García Lorenzo.

The initiative also aims to bring “the example of these boys who left on July 11, 2021 (July 11) to protest, to demonstrate, and to exercise their right to freedom of expression and demonstration. (…) Bring these examples closer to people, to society itself; that they see themselves reflected in these boys, and that they know that tomorrow they can be themselves; they can be one more of this prison”, added López, recently exiled in Germany.

The campaign will be sharing complaints and data obtained by organizations such as Cubalex, Prisoners Defenders and Justicia 11J related to the situation of people imprisoned for political reasons.

For the presentation of the campaign this Tuesday a space was organized on Twitter Spaces, where representatives of Cubalex and Prisoners Defenders could be heard, as well as relatives of political prisoners.

Other spaces like this will continue to be presented while the campaign lasts, as well as conversations with relatives of the prisoners, to humanize their image and deny what the regime has fabricated about them.

According to recent reports from the NGO Prisoners Defenders, the Cuban Government has imprisoned 1,027 political prisoners and prisoners of conscience, who suffer judicial sentences or orders to limit their liberty. Of these 1,027 political prisoners, 34 are minors: 26 are serving sentences and eight are being criminally prosecuted.

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