Active cases of COVID-19 increase slightly

Active cases of COVID-19 increase slightly

The Health authorities reported, through bulletin 686, the detection of 1,017 new cases of COVID-19which increases the total number of infections nationwide to 558,936 since the start of the pandemic.

In the last 24 hours, 10,724 samples were processed, of which 2,126 were PCR and 8,598 were antigenic. Daily positivity is set at 16.44% and lethality at 0.77%.

The total number of active cases rose to 5,402 infected with coronavirus, 232 more than in the previous bulletin.

The health authorities also reported the death of two people for a total of 4,315 deaths.

Regarding hospitalizations, Public Health reported that 338 people in stable conditions remain hospitalized, for an occupation of 14% in Covid beds; 155 in intensive care, a rate equivalent to 26% and 95 connected to ventilators, 20% of capacity.

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The demarcations where the greatest infections were registered were Santiago, Greater Santo Domingo and La Vega.

As of February 2, the VacúnateRD portal confirmed that 7,005,519 Dominicans have already been inoculated with the first dose of the anticovid vaccine; 5,806,741 with the second dose and 2,016,535 with the booster dose.

Study questions confinement

Lockdowns in the United States or Europe had little or no impact in reducing deaths from COVID-19According to a study conducted at the University Johns Hopkins.

The team, led by Steve Hanke, drew on 34 pre-existing studies to conclude that lockdowns worldwide only prevented 0.2% of coronavirus deaths and “were not an effective way to reduce death rates during a pandemic.”

The impact of border closures was even less effective, with fatality rates only down around 0.1 percent.

It is important to note that the researchers Johns Hopkins They only focused on studying mortality rates, ruling out any study that examined the effect of lower hospitalizations or infection rates.

Jennifer Grant, an infectious disease specialist at the University of British Columbia, said focusing on mortality alone is a “crude” measure.

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