Accused Cattleya network assures they are innocent

Several of those accused of belonging to a network of trafficking in women that exploited them sexually, which was dismantled during the operation CattleyaThey assured this Thursday that they are innocent of the charges against them.

Their statements were made while being led by a strong security device to the courtroom where they will be given a measure of coercion.

“Innocent,” was what some of the defendants shouted, who were protected with vests and protective cases, in addition to being guarded by agents of the High Risk Transfer Unit (Utar).

They were taken from the preventive prison that works on the fourth floor of the Ciudad Nueva Courthouse, to the first level of the building where the room where the hearing will be held is located.

Judge Pablo Imbert, of the Office of Permanent Attention of the National District, is in charge of hearing the coercion measure hearing against the 16 defendants, against whom the Public Ministry will request the imposition of preventive detention.

The hearing was scheduled to start earlier, however, it has not started yet.

The Specialized Prosecutor’s Office Against Illicit Smuggling of Migrants and Trafficking in Persons (PETT) has said that the prison will guarantee that José Miguel Michel Guridis, Daniel Enrique Inirio Abreu and José Soriano Rosario (a) Cirujano, alleged leaders of this network, and the others involved, do not withdraw from the process.

Regarding the case, the head of the PETT, Yoanna Bejarán, has said that they have a solid file, which consists of some 200 pages and in which, she added, there is sufficient evidence against the alleged members of the women’s trafficking network. from South America who were brought to the country to be sexually exploited.

Sergeant Dionicio Mieses de la Cruz (Dionis), Oscar Wicene, Melvin Valentín Peguero, Cristina González Hernández and María Murillo Vargas are also accused of the case.

Also, Louis Marie Nephtalie, Oliver Arnaud Lewinski, Robert Lee Eleuterio Paniagua, Angélica Quintero Niño, Marie Fokina, Alejandro Batista Bustamante (the Cat), Ramón Oviedo, Carlos Campusano Díaz and Braulio Manuel.

The process also involves the Caribe and Oscar hotels, in the Gascue sector, of the National District, and Coco Real, in Bávaro, Punta Cana, La Altagracia province, against which the Public Ministry requests that the temporary closure be ordered.

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