Accordion player ‘Koty’ Araújo is robbed inside a taxi in Bogotá

Crime surprised a young accordion player early this Saturday, May 21, who, after leaving work at a well-known bar in the 85th Street sector in Bogotá, was stripped of his belongings. inside a taxi that he headed home, including his two accordions, essential tools for his livelihood and that of his family.

“I finished the presentation at Matildelina bar and requested a transportation service through the application but I did not charge any race, so it gave me confidence to see people take a taxi on the street and I decided to take one of them to my house in Kennedy Central”, affirmed ‘Koty’ Araújo, who is a native of San Diego, department of Cesar.

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The young artist assured that the taxi driver asked him which route he preferred they take, to which he suggested “go down to Avenida Caracas, go to 53, cross Carrera 30, go down 50, take Calle 26 and go out to Boyacá Avenue”, but points out that this, then comply with most of the indicated route, and Upon reaching 26th Street, he made a detour to finally commit the theft.

“We arrived at a part on 26th Street where there were some yellow tapes that indicated ‘do not pass’, so the alleged taxi driver suggested taking a shortcut through a neighborhood that is near the CAI of La Esmeraldabut there he slammed on the brakes and, immediately, two guys got into the back of the car with a dagger each, and the driver also took out his own to threaten me”, says accordion player Araújo.

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The victim narrates that the criminals stripped him of all his belongings, including his two accordions, valued at approximately $12 million pesos, his cell phone, money and that they even took his shoes, having to walk barefoot for several minutes to the CAI to report the incident, but there they told him that he should file the complaint the next day.

The affected party formally reported the incident to the Kennedy Immediate Reaction Unit (URI), stating that the vehicle was identified with the VDI 341 plate, which he was able to identify once the criminals abandoned him around 3:30 am

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The fact has the young artist very concerned, because now, added to the shock caused by the unfortunate event, he is invaded by the uncertainty of not knowing how can you get your instrument back of work.

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