Academics will give a seminar on the eradication of racism in universities

Academics will give a seminar on the eradication of racism in universities

The meeting will take up axes of a similar event in November that addressed institutional racism, epistemic violence and communities that education excludes (Photo 123RF)

Four academics from the United Kingdom, Nicaragua, the West Indies, and the National University of Tres de Febrero (Untref), together with UNESCO representatives, will give a webinar on ways higher education institutions can eradicate racism internally and in societies within the framework of the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination 2022, reported Untref.

The webinar will highlight the “positive actions” that higher education can take to contribute to the eradication of racism worldwide.


Daniel Mato (Untref, Argentina), Rajani Naidoo (University of Bath, United Kingdom), Alta Hooker (University of the Autonomous Regions of the Nicaraguan Caribbean Coast, Nicaragua) and Verene A. Shepherd (University of the West Indies) will participate.

The event that will be moderated by Emma Sabzalieva and Salma Ahmed (Unesco-Iesalc) It will start at 11 and to participate you have to register at this link to-eradicate-racism-internally-and-in-their-societies/

This virtual meeting “will take up the axes that were discussed in November 2021, when institutional racism, epistemic violence and the communities that higher education excludes were addressed in a similar event, as well as movements, policies and strategies to overcome racism.

Untref pointed out that in this instance the debate will be transferred “to the real actions that higher education can take into account to challenge and contribute in a genuine way to the eradication of racism”.

In this sense, the organizers warned that “it is recognized that small advances are not enough to undermine the power and mechanisms that reproduce the broader patterns of social injustice throughout the world.”

But that through the exploration and presentation of positive actions “Important insights can be offered for transforming higher education institutions, systems, and public policies.”

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