Adjustments in 44% of the first circle of the President

Abraham Nuncio: Sabotage of the electrical reform


cruel prank. The muscle Pemex and the CFE were more solid until the 1980s (beginning of the capitalist expansion called neoliberalism). That muscle was the basis of the country’s industrialization and of an economy that grew between 6 and 7 percent annually for three decades.

At that time a one-party government prevailed, there was no alternation in power; elections were inveterately won by the official party. There were no autonomous bodies dealing with very different rights and legal exercises (elections, human rights, anti-corruption, etc.). Nor had citizen participation been institutionalized in government instances. The word competitiveness was not on anyone’s or almost anyone’s lips; nor were they often heard of modernity, excellence, world class, tax havens, or expressions such as win-win.

Then, the countryside, in millions of men rooted in the land, raised its agricultural production to sufficient levels to satisfy internal needs and to export. Since the 1980s, what we began to export was arms (10 percent of the current population emigrated) and capital. The public debt was tolerable and the majority were not subjected to paying the debts of the savers (an absolute minority) as was done with Fobaproa. We didn’t have entrepreneurs appearing on lists of the world’s richest; but we did not know the rates of poverty and extreme poverty that were on the rise.

We did not have freedom or full participation in the election of authorities and the regime was undoubtedly authoritarian, but citizen participation remained vigorous and mobilized through unions, universities and political parties. Control now prevails over those sectors. We did not have the freedom of the press that we have, but the press of that time, which is essentially the same as now, was widely pointed out for what it was and has not ceased to be: sold press; 40 years later it seems that we have been the object of a prolonged, systematic and monstrous deception.

In 2018, a party-movement with a national project arrives for the first time in government that is determined to recover something that was lost and straighten something that was crooked, and those who said nothing about what harmed us as a people and as a nation suddenly armed citizen indignation and fight it with what they find. They disdain neither lies nor coprology.

One among many examples. In one of its sessions, the citizen group Vision Nuevo León invited a CFE official to explain the reasons and meaning of the electricity reform. The call was open and virtual. A group of spoilers got in and with strident noises and very illustrative images of its ideological origin (a penis sticking out of a toilet), where sex is something dirty and sinful, forced the organizers to suspend it and reopen it in another space. we are watching them, the voice of one of the criminals had said. Another, from Vision Nuevo León, replied: We do not hide ourselves and we do it with arguments and facing the citizens.

When it is said that there are fascist ferments in much of the opposition, is it exaggerated? The invitation to think badly in order to be right seems to have sustenance. Social sabotage to prevent dialogue and reflection is a fascist weapon.

A growing phenomenon is that of insecurity. Corpses appear, including journalists in a disturbing number. Certain opponents associate this with the harsh discussion between critics of the government, some already known for the artificial setup and plain lies, and President López Obrador, who personally responds to them. Is there no opposition black hand interested in manufacturing damage and corpses to increase the feeling of insecurity? Will we continue to see more deaths of journalists, more sabotage in larger dimensions? Inability of the FGR to find those responsible?

The economic interests affected by measures taken by the current government – ​​the electricity reform in an underlined manner – respond to a group of national and foreign companies and to figures of high political weight linked to them. Hence the caliber of their attacks. On this, the reformers and those who oppose them do not seem to have read article 28 of the Constitution.

The functions that the State exercises exclusively in the following strategic areas will not constitute monopolies: post office, telegraph and radio telegraphy; oil and other hydrocarbons; basic petrochemical; radioactive minerals and nuclear power generation; electricity and activities expressly indicated by the laws issued by the Congress of the Union.

Thus, it is not understood why leave 46 percent of electricity sovereignty in the hands of private companies. Their attacks, in any scenario, would be the same.

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