About 9 million eligible voters for elections

Recently, the Superior Court of Electoral Justice (TSJE) announced that the Concertación will use the national register. With this, on the same day that the ANR chooses its candidates who will represent them in the national elections (December 18), so will the opposition.

Carlos María Ljubetic, director of electoral processes of the TSJE, informed that they will have to prepare voting machines for a total of 9 million voters for the next elections.

“Here we have a sui generis situation. If each party did its internal we would have 4.5 million voters. Because we have 4.9 million voters on the national register minus 1.3 million who are not affiliated. But since we have 800,000 double affiliations, we would reach 4.5 million”, he explained.

However, this does not apply because the real situation is that the inmates of the Coalition, which decided to expand its registry, will have 4.9 million people. Besides, we must organize elections for the Colorado Party with 2.7 million. More than 600,000 from other parties that are in the agreement and 700,000 that are outside the agreement.

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