About 150 young people enjoy the graduate trip subsidized by the Province

About 150 young people enjoy the graduate trip subsidized by the Province

Photo: Alejandro Moritz.

A first contingent of 150 young people from Hurlingham and La Matanza enjoy the city of Mar del Plata as part of the end-of-year trip promoted by the government of the province of Buenos Aires to promote tourism during the low season and guarantee a of reconnection to adolescents who finished high school in a pandemic.

The boys who arrived in “the happy city” on Thursday, performed on Friday their first visit to the Aquópolis Water Park where they carried out different recreational activities and enjoyed an outdoor snack on a day in full sun.

“We are coordinating the first batch of 150 boys from the Buenos Aires end-of-year trip program promoted so that young people get to know different tourist spots enjoying nature and scheduled meetings to spend their best post-Covid-pandemic graduate trip. 19”, the operational coordinator in Mar del Plata, Walter Sardi, of the Caledonia travel and tourism company, told Télam.

The boys are staying at a hotel in the La Perla area where “they are offered full board on their four-day and three-night visit,” he said.

“This contingent is the pilot test of the 19,000 young people who will participate in this program promoted by the Axel Kicillof government throughout the month of May”Sardi recorded.

Among the activities proposed in Mar del Plata, in addition to the walk through Aquopolis, there is also a maritime walk aboard the Anamora ship, recreational activities on the beach and a city tour through the emblematic places of the city.

“We also have two disco nights scheduled,” Sardi said.

the testimonials

Camila Vaquero (18 years old), from La Matanza, told Télam that “this is a very good experience that the government of Axel (Kicillof) gives us, which has the purpose of meeting our friends face to face again after not see them because of the pandemic.”

“I am happy to be able to close my high school with them since it was impossible for our families to pay for a graduate trip to Bariloche,” he added while hugging his partner who brings him a snack that does not lack a typical Mar del Plata alfajor .

María Sol Martínez (18 years old) said that “I was not lucky enough to get to know Mar del Plata and it is dazzling me. It is a city with many activities that can be enjoyed even if it is not summer. Today for the first time I put my feet in the water and It really was a great feeling despite how cold it was.”

In another corner, some young people from Hurlingham take the opportunity to sunbathe and enjoy a game of cards.

“It’s the first time I see the sea. I really never imagined its immensity. Today thanks to this program I was able to come with my friends and make others from four schools that came in the contingent,” said Santiago Pérez (19 years old).

And, he stressed that “the reunion with post-pandemic colleagues is more than positive because it is a way to reconnect and re-talk about our things live and direct.”

Photo Alejandro Moritz
Photo: Alejandro Moritz.

“Living this experience is something I will never forget,” concluded Pérez, who plans to study computer programming.

The Buenos Aires Minister of Production, Science and Technological Innovation, Augusto Costa, told this agency that “we are very happy with this program because we can specify a very important policy for a group of adolescents who had to finish high school in a pandemic context, and where many could not go on a graduate trip, as usually happens, because they did not have resources, and because the pandemic was a limitation “.

“It is very exciting to see the joy of the boys and girls to meet again with their colleagues, to live this experience and give the tourism sector, which was so hit during the pandemic, the possibility of extending the season receiving contingents, generating work and economic activity. It is a round policy,” he asserted.

Between rounds, walks and many photos in the wooded landscape of the water park, the boys enjoy this experience and that is how Julián Irigoitia, from Hurlingham, along with his friends Gonzalo and Juan Manuel, classified the trip as a “reconnection and encounter since It is the possibility to socialize between groups and give closure to an important stage of life such as high school”.

“Now we just have to enjoy and share every moment with friends, who are something unique that life gives us,” the young man synthesized.

Milagros González, for her part, also stated that it is the first time she has been in Mar del Plata.

“I am enjoying every walk and tomorrow I will do it from the boat that will take us along the coast of the city. I recommend this provincial program to all the boys that makes us feel part of and included in a vacation that our parents could not afford economically”, added the student and future candidate to enter the National Gendarmerie.

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