Abinader would win the Presidency in 2024 with 44%, according to a survey

Santo Domingo.- If the presidential election were currently held and the president Luis Abinader If he opted for re-election, he would reach 44% of the favor of the electorate in the Santo Domingo province above former president Leonel Fernández, of the People’s Force Party, who would obtain 23%, according to a survey.

The polling firm Estudios e Investigaciones Profesionales ACXIONA also maintained that, in the same scenario, Abel Martínez, candidate of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) would achieve 17% of the electoral result.

Abel Martinez and Leonel Fernandez

In the poll carried out, Miguel Vargas, of the Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD) appears with 2%, while 7% are undecided and 3% expressed that they do not know who they would vote for and 4% say that for none of the candidates.

Acxiona stated that the electoral study was carried out from November 24 to 28, 2022 in the 7 municipalities of the Province as detailed below: Santo Domingo Este: Luis Abinader 48%, Leonel Fernández 22%, Abel Martínez 19%, Miguel Vargas 3%, Undecided 5%, Don’t know 3%.

In the Santo Domingo Norte municipality, the results were Luis Abinader for the PRM 37%, Fuerza del Pueblo Leonel Fernández 27%, Abel Martínez for the PLD 25%, Miguel Vargas of the PRD 1%, Undecided 4%, don’t know 6%.

You can read: Abinader would win re-election with 44% in the DN, according to a survey

“From the universe, a representative sample of 1,230 distributed by municipalities was taken to achieve a better result,” indicated the polling firm when comparing the results with those of other surveys previously carried out in Santo Domingo Oeste, San Antonio de Guerra, Boca Chica and Los Alcarrizos. , where Abinader wins over 40% against his opponents.

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