Abinader deja iniciados trabajos construcción Centro de la UASD en Neiba

Abinader leaves construction work started at the UASD Center in Neiba

Neiba. -The President Louis Abinader started construction work on the new campus of the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD) in the municipality of Neiba.

The construction of this center will allow students from the Bahoruco and Independencia provinces to pursue their studies without having to travel to more distant places.

This work, which will have an investment of 783 million pesoswill boost the economy of the Bahoruco province, providing the community with some 750 direct jobs and more than 1,500 indirect jobs.

The development of this center is the response to a claim that for more than 12 years the community has made to the authoritiesdue to the difficulties experienced by more than two thousand enrolled from the UASD in Neibawho receive classes in school buildings, rented residences and open spaces due to the lack of their own building.

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President Abinader stated that the objective of the public policies of this Government, when building works such as the extensions of the UASD, is allow young people to study and advance.

He argued that there are currently a large number of students who want to study, but do not do so because they cannot move to Barahona or the capital.

He indicated that the Neiba UASD will be a training institution and part of the development engine of the entire area. Furthermore, he highlighted that the UASD extension program carried out by his Government, will benefit Hato Mayor, Dajabón, Comendador, San Cristóbal, Azua, Baní and Cotuí.

On his side, Minister Carlos Bonilla expressed during the ceremony that “We are laying the foundations for change and the future of our nation. Education is the most influential factor in the progress of people and society, as it enriches culture and values.

The Minister specified that educating young people ensures the development and advancement of the country, to which he added that the Ministry of Housing and Buildings develops in an arduous and continuous manner construction projects of high-level educational buildings throughout the country.

The new campus of the UASD will be developed on 8,280 square meters of constructionwith 29 educational classrooms that can accommodate up to 1,260 students enrolled and will also have three biochemistry labs, a library, an auditorium and three levels of administrative buildings.

Along with President Abinader, Senator Melania Salvador Jiménez and Governor Juana Cristina Mateo were present from the province of Bahoruco.

Likewise, Franklin García Fermín, Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology (MESCYT); Geanilda Vásquez, Minister of State without Portfolio of the Presidency; Igor Rodríguez, administrative deputy minister of the Presidency, and José Jáquez, deputy minister of Incentives for Production and Entrepreneurship.

Similarly, José Darío Cepeda, mayor of the Municipality of Neiba, and Emma Polanco, rector of the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD).

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