Abinader lanza plan de $25 mil millones para SDE

Abinader launches $25 billion plan for SDE

Seeking to improve the living conditions of its 1.2 million residents, President Luis Abinader launched this Saturday an ambitious comprehensive renovation plan for East Santo Domingo with an investment of 25 billion pesos over the next two years, to be carried out through the Ministry of Public Works (MOPC).

The authorities trust that with it the socioeconomic development of that municipality, considered the one with the largest population at the national level, would be potentiated.

Offering the central speech of the act, the Minister of Public Works, Deligne Ascención, was emphatic in pointing out that said plan contains the aspects of the strategy of renovation and updating of the entire road system, especially what has to do with relief of vehicular traffic there and its bordering municipalities and the agile connection with the eastern part of the country.

President Abinader, Minister Deligne Ascención and other officials at the event.

He criticized the fact that his predecessors did not observe the poor conditions of East Santo Domingo, but that the current administration is working on the most extensive plan that has been presented in that main municipality, made up of 131 neighborhoods, in a surface extension of just over 170 kilometers. squares.


Ascención explained that the fundamental part of it consists of a diligent program of construction and expansion of streets and avenues, sidewalks, curbs, speed bumps and scuppers, hydraulic solutions, filters, asphalt, and road markings.

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“The projects that we make available to you today and that we want to present to you, represent solutions to a study carried out by the MOPC to bring solutions in the course of time”, explained Ascención after noting that the diagnosis showed that some 25 thousand filter and collector units are collapsed in East Santo Domingo.

Among the works to start immediately are Las Damas streets (where the act was held) and La Grúa, and the entrance to Los Tres Brazos, which the official assured will positively impact traffic in that municipality that lacks interconnectivity. vial.

Also, that relief roads will be intervened such as Progreso, Margen (Barceló), Marginal Las Américas and expansion of a road section in the surroundings of Los Tres Brazos and the Mendoza highway (which serves as a link to the highway to San Isidro with Mendoza and the Mella highway).

Among the sectors to intervene in a coordinated manner with the Santo Domingo Este City Council, the MOPC minister mentioned Alma Rosa I and II, El Rosal, Mendoza, San José de Mendoza, Ensanche Ozama, Lucerna, Los Mina, Cancino, Cachón de la Rubia, Prado Oriental, Villa Duarte, Villa Faro, San Luis, San Isidro, Los 3 Ojos, Los Mameyes, Isabelita, among others.

In the particular case of Las Damas, close to the Quinto Centenario Racecourse, Ascención pointed out that it will be 6,600 meters long and 10 meters wide, which would provide road relief of approximately 25% during peak hours.

He recalled that since August 2020, he has been working in an accelerated manner in that municipality with the expansion of the Ecological Avenue and that of San Isidro and the Hípica, as well as the best in Las Américas.

“We are not only responding to improve the living conditions, but also to potential the development of the municipality, because the investment from both the public and private sectors will obviously place this municipality as one of the highest income in the entire country.

The activity was also attended by the municipal mayor, Manuel Jiménez, Senator Antonio Taveras Guzmán and others.


Prior to this activity, Luis Abinader delivered some 2,765 property title certificates in Los Alcarrizos. The government official specified that these are not statistical figures, but that they are the reflection of a lot of effort, of hope and of a shared future.

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