Abinader designa a pastor Dio Astacio como director del Consejo de Gestión Presidencial

Abinader appoints Pastor Dio Astacio as director of the Presidential Management Council

Executive Branch appoints another director and an advisor

Abinader appoints Pastor Dio Astacio as director of the Presidential Management Council. The President of the Republic, Luis Abinader, I name this Wednesday, through the decree 684-21 Pastor Dioris Anselmo Astacio Pacheco as the director of the Executive Directorate of the Presidential Management Council. Prior to the new appointment, Astacio serves as Liaison of the evangelical churches before the Executive Power and Coordinator of the Family Cabinet of the presidency; position awarded in Article 11 of decree 356-20 with advisor status.

Upon occupying the new position, the pastor replaces the lawyer and Perremeist leader Antonio by Jesús Rodríguez Tejada

In addition, the decree 681-21 Miguel Vásquez Peña as the director of the Office of Social Management of the Presidency and María Altagracia de los Ángeles Peña Peña as the new advisor for the Government Strategy and Communication Department.

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The decree published this Wednesday, like executive orders 685-21, 686-21, 687-21 and 688-21, presents the date of Saturday, October 30, 2021.

Another decree published today (682-21) designates Pedro Pablo Acevedo Travieso as advisor of the Executive Power in matters of inclusion of people with disabilities.

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