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Abel Martínez’s message for National Youth Day

El mensaje de Abel Martínez por el Día Nacional de la Juventud

When commemorating the national youth daythe presidential candidate for the party of the Dominican Liberation (PLD) Abel Martinezexpressed his confidence in youth and commitment to the implementation of efficient public policies to promote the first job and entrepreneurship.

“I believe in youth who want to get ahead honestly and I am convinced that the future is built from the present. In this path of struggle in favor of the best interests of the country, they must assume a leading role, because they are the ones who are called to be part of the positive transformations that the Dominican Republic deserves,” said Abel Martínez.

In this sense, the mayor of Santiago also highlighted the need to implement community programs of youth entrepreneurshipfocused on products and services that localities demand, so that they can begin to develop together with their communities.

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“But we also have to remove the bureaucracy and demands when it comes to students and recent graduates having access to their first formal job, decent jobs that allow them to continue their studies while they gain experience and skills. It is necessary to provide easy access to soft loans with the accompaniment of training and advice on how to manage your finances, where and how to invest, to seed the country with successful entrepreneurs”, suggested Martínez.

The senior political leader, who has been one of the youngest prosecutors and deputies in the country and, at the time, the youngest president of parliament in the region, assured that he has always given opportunities to youth to accompany him as collaborators in the roles that he has assumed as a public servant and that “the experience It has been gratifying because I have seen them grow professionally. A the youth You have to offer them support, show them that you believe in them and give them the opportunity to be creative, compliant and responsible. I, like many others, am the result of a generation that was given the opportunity when young, that is why I know the commitment that youth can assume in our society for the benefit of the country”.

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