Know 4 advantages that vehicle renting offers to your business

Trends and opportunities for the vehicle leasing market in Peru

the market of (vehicle or fleet rental) experienced a recovery during the last months of 2022, due to a trend of unit renewal. According to the experience of ALD Automotive, a leasing company, it is possible to identify the increase in interest of new industries for this type of services thanks to the value added by the renting in financial and operational terms.

To be successful in this business, the key is to open new channels and expand the target market; arriving, in this way, to transform clients who do not work with renting of cars through advice or consultancy. “In recent months we have seen great interest in electric vehicles and we have identified opportunities to grow in partnerships with companies that concentrate clients with vehicle potential such as banks, insurance, BK de Seguros, among others.”, says Diego Anaya, commercial director of ALD Automotive.

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For its part, electromobility is still under development in Peru, but it has great growth projections; Therefore, it is important to promote laws that encourage the purchase and use of electric vehicles, since they are the present and future of the automotive sector that is committed to developing eco-friendly units.

In this context, Impulso developed an Insight Hunting SEO study for ALD Automotive with the purpose of knowing the search behavior on-line about the sector. In this investigation, it was found that, between 2017 and 2021, the searches related to renting of car fleets in Peru increased by 238%.

During 2022, searches on-line on the sector increased by 19% compared to the previous year, and it is projected, for the first months of 2023, an average of 17 thousand people conducting searches monthly. The highest percentage of searches are concentrated in Lima with 70.10% and 74% of people are over 34 years old.

In the study it can also be seen that the vehicles most requested by people at the time of searching on-line They are passenger cars (39.50%), followed by high-end cars (20.40%), SUVs or 4x4s (19.60%), industrial vehicles (11.60%), and vans, buses, and vans (8.90%).

Among the sectors that most demand renting of fleets, according to searches, are Logistics and transportation, Health, Telecommunications, Food and beverages, Wholesale, Manufacturing, and Construction and works.

This is a relatively young market in the country, so it has a lot of growth potential. The industry is centralized for the most part in the capital and the main clients have the city of Lima as their base of operations, with the mining fleet accounting for 25% of the total Peruvian leasing fleet.”, added the executive.

through the renting of car fleets, companies can obtain great operational benefits and financial profitability. Among them are:

  • Greater focus on the business: The staff will have a greater focus on the core of the business.
  • Optimal use of capital: With no initial cost, the vehicles are purchased by ALD Automotriz.
  • Costs reduction
  • Access to corporate discounts

By 2023 we project, at the fleet level, to exceed 3.1 thousand units, increase our share of electric vehicles by 300%, and promote new products such as the Fuel card, Sales & Lease Back, Fleet Management and enter the mining industrya”, concluded Anaya.


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