Abel Martínez: “Ocoa es vivo ejemplo de promesas incumplidas del actual Gobierno”

Abel Martínez: “Ocoa is a living example of unfulfilled promises of the current Government”

San José de Ocoa.- The candidate for the presidential nomination for the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), Abel Martinezleft his provincial campaign team sworn in in this province, in a massive act where the attendees promised to work under water, sun and serene, to reach 70% of the votes on October 16.

In this scenario, Abel stated that the construction of the Nizao-Rancho Arriba road section is necessary, to facilitate the transport of supplies and crops produced in the area, among other actions.

“Ocoa is the cradle of food production for national consumption and export, as is the case of avocados, however, as is the case throughout the country, we see that instead of receiving support from the State, every day there is more evidence the abandonment and the rain of unfulfilled promises, irrefutable proof that they are the living example of those who say and do not do, promise and do not fulfill, speak and only lie to the population”, Martínez pointed out.

The senior political leader assured that the actions of the authorities threaten the country’s food sovereignty, which, in his opinion, shows that it is governed to hit and make national production disappear, favoring business interests of a small group of exporters.

“I put on the work clothes of the Dominican farmer and what it feels like is discouraging; they are unprotected in every way and that must change; we are going to change it. That is why let us work relentlessly even in the rain, to stop the incendiary lightning storm represented by the current Government, so that it does not last a day beyond August 16, 2024. If we are here with you, it is because we are committed to work for a better country and we will achieve it together,” said Martínez.

Abel reiterated the need for the country to be directed once again with the experience that the State requires, in order to emerge gracefully in moments of crisis, “not only international crises that may have a negative impact on our territory, but mainly those that are generated in day to day and that currently, incredibly, they are generated by the same people who are called to guarantee stability, development, equality and security, because they definitely did not prepare for anything other than opposition”, said Abel, after ensuring that the current government acts as if they were still campaigning.

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