Abel Martínez: current government has led us to a macabre setback

Santo Domingo Norte – The presidential candidate for the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) Abel Martinezsaid that “this country needs to be led with guts, determination and innovation to be able to revolutionize in a positive way, and not regress, which is what the current government has achieved, leading us to a macabre setback.”

In a tour of various sectors of the La Victoria municipal district of Santo Domingo Norte, he stressed that growing up in a neighborhood is not a sin.

“The sin is that you have the possibility of transforming the lives of those who have the least from the Government, and turning your face away, thus denying them the opportunity to get ahead, which is what has happened in the last two years,” he said.

He indicated that during the PLD governments, it was shown that, of the people favored with financing and soft loans through social programs, those who had the best percentage of payments were the poorest.

“We could ask ourselves how it is possible and the answer is simple: the vast majority of this population, who are given the opportunity and advice to start their small businesses, did not want to look bad in order to continue having access to those facilities and continue their growth,” he explained.

The political leader encouraged them to bet on the hope that their political project represents, working tirelessly towards the internal process of the PLD.

“You have the right that your needs are on the presidential agenda and together we will achieve it; We will go up the steps of the Presidential Palace to lower them immediately with the firm intention of helping the poor get up, open opportunities for growth, development and build a Dominican Republic of which we feel proud, “said Abel Martínez.

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