Abel Martinez Adding Stars Puerto Plata

Abel Martínez accuses the Government of doing nothing in Puerto Plata

Puerto Plata.- The presidential candidate for the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) and mayor of Santiago, Abel Martinezestablished the marked differences between what has been “a government of falsehoods and broken promises of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), with what were the governments of the PLD, which filled the province of Puerto Plata and the entire country with works.”

Martínez, who was accompanied by his wife, Nahiony Reyes, said he was happy to be in Puerto Plata with his party, assuring that the PLD is called upon to save the Dominican Republic from the inability with which the current authorities are managing the country. .

“The PLD served the people, it served Puerto Plata, however, the PRM has brought a government of falsehoods, for this reason, we must work to remove them, so that broken promises do not continue to be daily bread; In the PLD we have the opportunity to give a new country to this already mistreated Dominican Republic”, expressed Martínez.

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The senior political leader referred to the government’s decision to install a presidential house in Santiago, urging them to be humble so that they “take classes.”

“Now the PRM government has moved to Santiago, they have even built a presidential house next to mine; 15 seconds away there is already an office of the President in Santiago and I tell them: great! Come to Cibao to learn how to govern; come take notes, come take classes, to tell them how a city and a country are managed,” he said, also assuring that if they do not learn, in 2024, with the experience of the PLD State and the imprint it has left with the trail of results in the positions he has held, they will be removed from the Government.

The former president of the Chamber of Deputies, stated that despite the fact that there are so many things to do throughout the country, the current President wants to focus on Cibao, “so come on, because food here is still expensive and crime is rampant citizens as well as in every corner of the country”, and also questioned that despite the fact that in the campaign the PRM promised to remove citizens with irregular status from Dominican territory, currently the Dominican Republic is under siege by the largest number of illegals in recent decades.

Abel Martínez (c) in the activity led by former president Danilo Medina (i) who chairs the PLD

In the activity led by former President Danilo Medina, who chairs the PLD, the members of the Political Committee were present: Francisco Javier García, Martínez’s campaign manager; Francisco Domínguez Brito, Monchi Fadul, Iris Guaba, Jhonny Pujols, Carlos Pared Pérez, Víctor Suárez, among others, as well as dozens of members of the Central Committee, presidents of intermediate and base committees, along with a large crowd representing the 18 1,888 new sworn members.

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