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Abc to vote for elections to the Senate, House and Coalitions on Sunday

Abc to vote for elections to the Senate, House and Coalitions on Sunday

The Sunday March 13 The first elections of the year will be held in the country. In this case, the congressmen will be elected and the consultations of the coalitions of pre-candidates for the presidency will be voted on.

To exercise your right to vote, you must consult your polling station through the official website of the Registry. There you will know the address and the table where you can vote. To access this right you only need to present your citizenship card.

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When you arrive at the table, the voting jurors will give you two ballots. One for the choice of Senate of the Republic and another for the House of Representatives that is according to your voting city.


Senate vote cards

National Registry.

In this case, the citizen has two options: vote for a constituencyn ordinary national or by the special indigenous constituency. You can only choose one of the cards.

In the National Senate, 100 candidates will be chosen and in the other, two people from the indigenous communities will be chosen to be members of Congress.


For this case there is three constituencies: the ordinary territorial one, of the departments or the one of the Capital District, and the special indigenous or special one of Afro-descendants. Likewise, voters will only be able to choose one of the constituencies.

Voting cards House of Representatives

National Registry of Civil Status


This year, for the first time, people who reside in one of the 167 PDET zones (Development Programs with a Territorial Approach), will be able to request the card of the special constituencies for peace. From there, 16 candidates for the House of Representatives will be chosen.

This ballot can be voted by any of the inhabitants of these municipalities, regardless of the territorial, indigenous or Afro-descendant constituency they choose. The candidates on this ballot are people who were victims of the Colombian armed conflict and will represent these voices in Congress.

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Peace Seats

National Registry of Civil Status


For those who reside outside the country, in addition to the Senate ballot, they will be able to vote the Outside Camera to choose a candidate.

Card of the international constituency

National Registry of Civil Status


Along with the legislative elections, there are the consultations of the three coalitions of pre-candidates for the presidency: the Centro Esperanza Coalition, the Historical Pact and the Team for Colombia.

Upon arrival at the polling station, the citizen YOU MUST REQUEST to the jury one of the three ballots for which they wish to vote. According to the coalition, the candidate who will contest the presidential elections on May 29 is chosen.

Interparty consultations

National Registry of Civil Status


In the case of the Senate and the House, voters have two options: the preferential or non-preferential voting lists. That is, those that are voted only for the party or, on the contrary, for a candidate of his preference.

In this sense, those who wish to vote for a list without a preferential vote (those that do not have numbers next to them, only the party logo), must check the box for the logo of the political movement.

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In the case of preferential or open voting lists, you must check the boxl Party logo and candidate number of your choice. However, if you do not have a specific candidate, the vote will be valid only with the choice of the party.

In the case of cross-party consultations, you must choose only one candidate and check the box for that candidate.


Your vote will no longer be valid if you mark more than one candidate on different lists. Or vote for two political movements.

It should be remembered that the blank vote It will only be available on the Senate and House cards, but not on the consultation cards. Each citizen will be able to choose which options they wish to vote for.

The voting tables will be enabled from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. In turn, from Saturday, March 12 at 6:00 p.m. and until Monday, March 14 at 6:00 a.m., the dry law that will accompany the voting will govern the country.


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