A woman denounces that her six-month-old baby was kidnapped by her friend

A woman denounces that her six-month-old baby was kidnapped by her friend

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Six-month-old baby Valentina was kidnapped by her 18-year-old caregiver, her mother denounced on Thursday. The last time they saw her was in Ceja de El Alto, where she said that she was her daughter and that she was going to travel to Brazil.

“I can take care of it for you, she told me, that’s when I went to drop her off, since I don’t have the resources to buy diapers for my daughter, but by the end of the afternoon I couldn’t find her at home. When I went to her mother’s, the only thing she said to me was ‘I don’t know anything, why are you leaving her,’ ”said the baby’s mother, according to the Unitel report.

He identified the kidnapper as Mariana Peña, a “friend” whom he had known for three years, and that is why he trusted her to take care of his daughter, since he never thought he was going to take her away.

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The girl’s mother is 16 years old and left her in the care of Peña, from whom she had heard nothing since the day of the kidnapping.

“My desperate daughter came to my work at six in the afternoon to tell me that there was no baby. Since she did not leave the baby, we went to her house to look for her, but we did not find her, ”said Valentina’s grandmother, who filed a complaint with the Police.

The relatives affirmed that they did not know Mariana’s whereabouts, they only indicated that she usually frequents La Ceja.

“I went to look for her at La Ceja, they told me that she normally walks there, along Calle 2 and they told me that they saw her walking with the baby while intoxicated and that it was said that she was going to travel to Brazil with her newborn baby,” Indian

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