A week before the elections, Morena leads in QRoo, Hidalgo and Tamaulipas

A week before the elections, Morena leads in QRoo, Hidalgo and Tamaulipas

#QuintanaRoo: Mara Lezama leads with 22 points

The survey published this Monday in The Economist, prepared by Consulta Mitofsky, revealed that the candidate for Morena, Mara Lezama, has 36.5% of voting intentions, while Laura Fernández Piña, from the PRD-PAN alliance, has 14.5% of the preferences; in third place is José Luis Pech with 8.1% and in fourth place, the PRI candidate Leslie Hendricks Rubio with 7.3%.

The survey also revealed that the brunette also maintains a distance from her electoral opponents, enjoying a level of knowledge by the population of 93.6 in the entity, and well above her second-place opponent, the PAN member Laura Fernández (75.6% ).

According to the survey, among the inhabitants with the possibility of voting, more than six out of 10 have the expectation of participating in the electoral day, and according to their opinion, Lezama Espinosa is the candidate most qualified by the electorate to assume the governance of the entity.

#Hidalgo: Menchaca closes campaign with 53%

Julio Menchaca, from the Morena, Labor Party (PT) and New Alliance (NA) coalition, has a 31-point lead over second place in the race, according to a survey conducted by Parametria, published this Monday in The universal.

And it is that according to this survey, 53% of those surveyed expressed their preference for Menchaca, while 22% did so for Carolina Viggiano, candidate of the PAN, PRI and PRD alliance. In third place is Francisco Xavier Berganza, from Movimiento Ciudadano (MC), with 4% and, finally, José Luis Lima, from the Green Ecologist Party of Mexico (PVEM), with 2% of the voting intention.

Regarding knowledge of candidates, 83% of Hidalgo voters said they had heard of Menchaca; 74% have heard of Viggiano; 50% from Berganza, and 17% from Lima.

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