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A Ultranza PY: They arrest fugitives who were part of the money laundering scheme

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The Union of Production Guilds (UGP) issued a statement in which it speaks of the Government’s lack of management on the fuel issue, “punishing all citizens” and putting “governability in danger.”

“Once again, the lack of foresight and good management in the fuel issue hits citizens hard, since the increasingly frequent increases equally punish all Paraguayans, except perhaps those who have the privilege of receiving “donations”, “says the statement issued by the PMU.

Without ignoring the impact caused in the world by the conflict in Europe, from the union they maintain that the current administration must do its part to alleviate these effects, provide “some predictability” since they maintain that it is not possible to work in a scenario of rises in the price of fuel “fortnightly and arbitrary”.

They emphasize that this situation is a consequence of Petropar not exercising a regulatory role in the market, with fuel reserves that allow prices to be sustained without any subsidies. They indicate that this would give predictability to economic activity and certainty to freight transport contracts, as well as to the cost of mobility of the common citizen.

“Those responsible for defining energy policies are focused on the political dispute, they do not see, they do not listen, they do not respond to underlying concerns and, even less, they present dynamic proposals. What good is it for us to be the only country whose electrical energy source is 100% renewable, if the circumstance is not taken advantage of to give a change of direction towards the transformation of electric transport, including public passenger transport?

In this sense, they warn that a “firm and clear leadership that looks at Paraguay and not only at the 2023 elections” is needed.

“There is no time. With each passing day, citizen unrest increases, people take to the streets and the countryside warms up the engines of their tractors. We demand constructive decisions and actions from the authorities to resolve this situation”, they underline.

They add that a broad vision of the situation is needed that allows a “correct diagnosis, efficient management and firm leadership” to find the policies and mechanisms that allow them to work in peace to rebuild the economy in a scenario of greater certainty.

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