A total of six forest fires were extinguished throughout the country

A total of six forest fires were extinguished throughout the country

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A total of six sources of forest fires were extinguished in the provinces of Jujuy, San Luis, Cordoba, San Juan, Entre Rios and Buenos Aireswhile brigade members continue the tasks of control and extinction of active outbreaks with the help of hydration planes and helicopters, reported this Thursday the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development of the Nation, through the National Fire Management Service (SNMF).

The agency specified that the extinguished fires were located in San Pedro, Jujuy; in Junin, San Luis; in San Alberto, Córdoba; and in Valle Fértil, San Juan.

Meanwhile, in the area of ​​the Paraná Delta, foci were extinguished in Gualeguayin the province of Entre Ríos, and in Bellterritory of Buenos Aires.

Through the SNMF, the environment ministry collaborated with the provinces in combating fires “with the deployment of air assets and hundreds of brigade members in different parts of the territory,” they indicated.

In the Delta area, a total of 64 brigade members and support personnel belonging to the Argentine Federal Police (PFA) work in combating outbreaks that are still active, together with the National Parks Administration, the Central National Brigade and the Ministry of Defense.

Likewise, the agency made available to operate three fire hydrant planes, two helicopters with helidecks and one spotter plane belonging to the SNMF, along with two helicopters for the transfer of personnel belonging to the Ministry of Defense.

While in the province of Jujuy, three hydrant planes and a helicopter with a bucket from the SNMF and 70 brigade members and support personnel belonging to the National Parks Administration and the National South Brigade are available to operate.

On the other hand, for the active and contained outbreaks in the province of Salta, 30 brigade members and personnel from the National South Brigade and the Forest Fire Prevention and Fighting Service (Spilf) of the province of Río Negro provide assistance, in addition to a hydrant plane and a helicopter with a bucket.

Salta and Entre Ríos registered, meanwhile, active foci of forest fires, according to the daily survey carried out by the National Fire Management Service (SNMF).

The agency’s report specified that the Salta towns of General San Martín, Orán, Aguaray, Guachipa, Santa Victoria registered active fires, while the brigades managed to contain the flames of Colonia Santa Rosa and Colonia Santa Nuevo, departments of the Oran city.

The province of Entre Ríos registered this Thursday an active focus in the sectors called Intenso Septiembre, Ricardo, Arturo that belong to the city of Gualeguay, while two others were controlled: one in Gualeguay and the other in Victoria.

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