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A Todo Pulmón visits the Great Iberá Park to learn about the production model of nature

As part of a regional tour that aims to observe natural ecosystems, their conservation techniques and the environment where they develop, a delegation from A Todo Pulmón visited the Gran Parque Iberá located in Corrientes, Argentina.

The presence of the team of the organization occurred at the request of the invitation of the

Senator of the Province of Corrientes, Sergio Flinta, who in turn is president of the

Iberá Committee, a mixed entity whose objective is local development from the

nature tourism that is generated in the Iberá Park, where the Production of

Nature is the engine of development for more than 20 towns that surround Iberá, with

the training of park rangers, cooks, guides and tourism enterprises.

During the official visit, which began in the town of Concepción del Yaguareté Corá,

distant 190 km from the city of Corrientes, it was possible to visit the museum and the center of

interpretation of the Iberá, to know details of the conversion process of a place

inhospitable and unproductive in economic terms, to a wildlife refuge and center

national and international tourism.

“We are now enjoying full contact with nature. But there is

to understand that this is part of a gradual process of cultural change, where the

settlers who previously hunted animals, today became

tour guides, park rangers and cooks for the more than 70 thousand visitors it receives

the Iberá Wetlands every year”, indicated Senator Sergio Flinta.

The visit also included a boat ride that allowed the delegation to enjoy the

changing landscapes, in addition to the sighting of fauna such as alligators, capybaras,

deer and different species of birds, to finish with the tasting of typical dishes

of the area.

“Only by knowing the immensity of these estuaries, streams and lagoons, it is possible to

gain an idea of ​​the importance of wetlands, not only as a refuge

of fauna and flora, but its preservation is a vital tool to combat the

effects of climate change”, said Osvaldo Turlan, Executive Director of A Todo


The joint work of the Provincial Government, NGOs, municipalities, but above all of the

communities settled in the Iberá Nature Reserve, is bearing fruit with the

positioning of Corrientes as a leader in conservation of the

biodiversity in Argentina, giving rise to the reintroduction process of key species

such as the jaguar, the giant otter, the anteater, the collared peccary and the

scarlet macaw, among others, and providing a model of sustainable development for the entire

the region. This was precisely the objective of A Todo Pulmón, to see the feasibility of

replicate this model to conserve the wetlands of Paraguay.

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