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A teenager died after falling into a hole full of bees, suffered anaphylactic shock

bees in Villavicencio
One of the rescuers entered with the special suit and managed to put Juan Andrés in a plastic, tied him up and the others raised him, despite the effort, he was not saved. Photos: Our Plain Tv.

In Villavicencio reports of the presence of beehives in houses, schools, companies have skyrocketed and experts are asked to move them. This Friday, a young man died after suffering hundreds of bites.

Colombia News.

In Villavicencio another event has generated commotion and even alert, a student fell into a hole and ended up stung by hundreds of bees, they managed to get him out of the place alive but at the medical center, they determined that he suffered anaphylactic shock.

Juan Andrés was 17 years old.

There are people who are severely allergic to bites in which the whole organism is compromised -systemic reaction- and is called ‘anaphylaxis’».

So far in 2020 in Colombia there are already three deaths from bee stings. In 2019, there were also deaths.

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The recommendation is always to call the fire department and notify the presence of the honeycomb, so that they can carry out the transfer.

The bees

The Cundinamarca Beekeepers Association has warned that there is no real protection for this species in Colombia.

A fail of the Administrative Court of Cundinamarca put in the debate the importance of this species, in the pollination process.

In Colombia, as documented, thousands of poisoned bees are dying annually and the main reason could be neonicotinoids, chemicals that are used as pesticides, indicates El Espectador.

These substances are mainly clothianidin, thiamethoxam, imidacloprid and fipronil.

“That is why, in their opinion, the Colombian authorities must revoke the licenses that endorsed its use,” the ruling indicates.

But in addition, hundreds more die daily when people improperly handle their combs.

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