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A second victim of the explosion in Santa Cruz dies

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A second victim of the explosion in Santa Cruz dies

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A second fatality was reported Tuesday as a result of an explosion at the Tía Reynita snack bar in Santa Cruz. The 30-year-old woman had been working at the premises for four months.

“It is a very difficult time for the whole family, difficult to assimilate because she was young, she was 30 years old. She left two small children in the orphanage,” a relative told Unitel.

“She was fighting yesterday and unfortunately at dawn she passed away (…). We are not going to bury her here, we have to transfer her to Guarayos province because her family is from there,” he added, at the time of requesting helps the population to cover the costs of the transfer.

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The incident occurred on Monday morning, a few meters from the Avenida del Cristo Redentor. The firefighters revealed a precarious installation to join the three carafes that were used to supply the kitchen.

“It was possible to see a precariousness in the connection of the bottle and this caused the gas leak that caused the explosion. That is the first report we can give, ”said Rodney Borda, Fire Chief of the city of Santa Cruz, yesterday.

The first information pointed to one death and two injured people, so when the death of Verónica MA was confirmed, the number of fatalities rose to two.

The third person, who owns the business, remains in therapy with burns and lung damage from prolonged smoke inhalation.

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